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Critical Care medicine

Critical Care Medicine

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Organ transplant

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Our Location

Medicine Department

Medicine DepartmentThe Department of Internal medicine has one Full Time consultant with vast Experience in this field. We treat various diseases including hypertension, diabetes and all Infectious diseases.

We conduct regular academic activities and teaching sessions. Out patient care is from 12 Noon to 9 PM every day except Sundays. Emergency services provided to patients deals with everything from poisoning to infectious diseases and other serious medical problems, 24 hours a day.

Major Services Offered :

  • ECG.
  • Tread Mill Test.
  • Echo Doppler Laboratory
  • Comprehensive Cardiac Executive Evaulation.
  • Well Equipped 24 hour mobile Emergency Cardiac Care unit with modern ambulatory Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Equipment Installed.

Family Medicine :

  • Executive preventive health check ups.
  • School Health programs.
  • lmmunization Clinics.
  • Camps.
  • Pre employment check.
  • Annual health check ups.